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Roof Upgrades

Our company Affordable Texas Roofing believes that because of the lack ofgood quality and modern roofing materials, ventilation systems and roof accessories found in most homes and properties today here in Houston and in Texas, ROOF UPGRADES are completely needed and necessary. It is not possible to expect that a shingle roof can last for so many years when the ventilation system of the roof is not correct or has been upgraded. We cannot also expect that no leaks will happen on your home when no upgrades have happened toa shingle roof showingoutdated metal or plastic square or round roof vents, turbines and rubber pipe jacks. Unfortunately, older homes built many years ago tend to lack the good quality systems and fixtures or accessories that we have today simply because they did not existed at the time that the home or structure was built. For this reason, roof upgrades are vital to maintain your roof sealed and water tight and to also extend the life of it. Roof upgrades are also extremely needed in Houston since our weather during our summer time is extremely hot. The extreme heat can help shorten the duration of poor and cheap ventilation systems and roof fixtures specially if they are not painted. We will provide roof upgrades and restoration repairs to as many homes in Houston as we can to make sure that we can help prevent prematurely aging roofs.