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Roof Repair

Our company Affordable Texas Roofing as well as many other competitors has helped many Houston homeowners with emergency roof repairs, hail and wind damage inspections, as well as helping homeowners file hail and wind claims after many of the storms that have occurred. As a roofing company that is now innovating and bringing different affordable solutions to homeowners, landlords, property owners among others with all types of roofing problems and issues, we not only do roof repair but now we are pioneering our new concept of Roof Restoration & Preventive Repairs. We know and feel very confident that our new concept of preventive roof repair and restoration services will place our company among the best roofing repair companies servicing Houston. As a roofing provider of these new preventive roof repair packages that are innovative in the Houston area, we are sure that our repair services will help many since the amount of prematurely aging roofs in Houston is substantial. We believe that a preventive roof repair that can restore not only the appeal of a home but also its efficiency and functionality is what is really needed in order to tackle the huge problem of prematurely aging roofs that we currently have in Houston. The amount of shingle roofs looking very old, deteriorated, damaged, stained and with deficiencies is simply alarming and is ruining the appeal, duration and functionality of shingle roofs that have not been repaired yet. Specific roof repairs that can help prevent leaks and other roofing problems among homeowners is now a reality and a necessity since many homeowners in Houston do not have good insurance policies and are at a disadvantage. Another big issue that has triggered our company to create a series of preventive roof repairs is the fact that as of September 1 2017 the House of Representatives approved House Bill 1774 which will protect Insurance Companies from being sued.