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Roof Rehabilitation

The state of Texas has ranked for so many years now among the 1st or one of the top 3 states in the whole United States in which more storm related claims are filed every year. From wind storms, to hail storms, to tornadoes, hurricanes among others, we have seen them all. After a large storm, many homeowners and property owners file their claims with their insurance companies and have their roofs completely rehabilitated in order to bring back their good appeal and functionality. Unfortunately, so many homeowners and property owners in Texas may have not been aware of the damages that these natural disasters have caused to their shingle roofs as perhaps they were not there when the event occurred. Many times happens that homeowners do not try to rehab their roofs as they worry that their insurance premiums may go high if they file a claim or they may feel and assume that their roofs are good because they do not see any visible leaks inside the home when this is not necessarily true.

These are some of the reasons that after a storm so many homes and roofs need to be rehabilitated in order to avoid prematurely aging. We have seen in numerous occasions many damaged roofs by hail and wind in which the owners were not aware of them and as a consequenceno roof inspections were done, no insurance claims were filed and no rehabilitation to the roof happened. When these storms occur, and damages are found on your roof, we believe that a claim should always be filed in order for roof rehabilitation to happen. It is very important that you realize the importance of bringing back and restoring your damaged roof to its good condition again. When roof rehab occurs, and the roof damages are rehabilitated to its good original condition, homeowners will experience peace of mind knowing that their roofs will be able to stand the next storm.