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   After analyzing and reviewing the huge problem of prematurely aging roofs that we have here in Houston and all of Texas, we have found that EDUCATION and ACTION are essential to tackle and solve this problem. It is not possible to fix it when not many homeowners, property owners among other groups do not know about shingle roofing and the nature of Prematurely Aging Roofs. At the same time, it will not be possible for homeowners, property owners among other groups to TAKE ACTION on this problem when they are not EDUCATED and KNOWLEDGEABLE about this problem. This is why by providing this valuable information here in our website to educate and bring knowledge and by offering now specific preventive repair alternatives to homeowners and property owners in order to RESTORE, RENOVATE or UPGRADE their shingle roofs, we will be able to help millions of homeowners cope with this problem.

The large majority of shingle roofs in Texas are simply looking stained, old, deteriorated, damaged and with deficiencies simply because they have not been restored or upgraded yet. The fact that there is an astronomical amount of shingle roofs stained by algae does not mean necessarily that they cannot be cleaned or that they need to be replaced. The same applies to those roofs with outdated or low-quality roofing systems and fixtures as they can also be upgraded and replaced with modern high-quality ones that can prolong the life of it and prevent leaks. Our roof restoration proposal comes with a thorough explanation of what causes premature roofs aging in Texas and with alternatives to solve it. We believe that it is also cost-efficient to homeowners who may not be able to afford a new roof or have not been able to claim it new with their insurance companies. If you have an older property that is not equipped with any good/new modern ventilation systems or roof fixtures, your roof needs to be restored and upgraded to prevent future problems. The same is also true for those newer and recently built houses that happen to have poor quality roof fixtures or ventilation systems. This needs to be done to prevent leaks and extend the life of your roof.

We are focusing on roof aging prevention and making sure that we also bring back the shine of your roof and improve the efficiency of your roof for only a fraction of the cost of a new roof. We believe that after upgrading and restoring your roof with us, your roof will shine again and you will have peace of mind when the next storm comes.

  Affordable Texas Roofing is on a mission to restore and upgrade the roofs of many homes in Houston neighborhoods by offering our new affordable Roof Restoration & Preventive Repair Packages of different prices, with warranties and with financing available so you will have a chance to pick the one of your choice.

   Our 4 roof restoration and preventive repair options are specifically designed to help SEAL & PROTECT your roof as much as possible and to RESTORE & UPGRADE your roof with high-quality materials, systems and items that will improve immediately the functionality and efficiency of your roof. Nothing beats a high quality full roof replacement when a roof is very old, but when the money is not available to do so, we feel that our roof restoration and preventive repair packages will be of great help to you.

Please call our office at (281) 888-8805 and we will provide the details of our roof restoration and preventive repair packages so you can pick the one of your choice.